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Small Business Festival 2016

  • Ruoyun Xu - Stand Up Interviews

    Founder, c3nami
    Ruoyun Xu is the Head Social Media Strategist and Founder of C3Nami, LLC. Her team of 6 empower entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses to connect and build relationships with their raving fans online. Their ...

  • Starley Murray - Stand Up Interviews

    Personal Brand Expert & Media Consultant
    Starley Murray proudly provides On Camera Image Techniques and Personal Brand Strategies to you through systems found in her media appearances, products for camera image as well as mentoring ...

  • Evan Baehr - Stand Up Interviews

    Cofounder of Able, an online lender to small businesses.
    It launched June 2014 with the Wall Street Journal's Weekend Interview and on TechCrunch. His passion at Able is to serve the Fortune 5 Million – the 5.8 million small businesses ...

  • Gordon Montgomery - Stand Up Interviews

    Performance Coach, G|META
    Coach. Author. Ultra-runner. Vegan. Geek. Student/Teacher. Dad. Healer. (not in that order). I coach leaders to see their purpose and live it. Gordon's focus now is in guiding others as a performance coach ...

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